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Weight: 343 pounds – Pounds left to lose: 183

A little late on my Saturday morning update, but I lost 3 pounds this week, which is great because I thought I might not lose any at all. I suppose that’s why you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday or at different times of the day. I definitly weigh more in all my clothes in the evening than in my jammies in the morning (After I’ve peed of course. Every ounce counts!).

I think my weight loss rate has stabilized now. From here on out if I stick to my plan I’ll probably be losing 2-4 pounds every week. So, I’ve still got over a year before I hit my goal weight. Kind of depressing, but I guess it’s better now than never.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about extra skin this week. This is mostly due to promos for “Extra,” a crappy entertainment/tabloid show, and it’s strange obsession with body lift stories. I suppose the freak show element is good for sweeps. I’ve heard horror stories of people who lose lots of weight, only to be left with gross amounts of loose skin. There isn’t too much on the Internet about this, how true it is, how to avoid it if at all. All I can gather is that it’s good to lose weight slowly and to build muscle tone. But even then, you could be stuck with loose skin. I hope this is not the case with me, because I doubt I could afford the price of cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin.

<sigh> I guess it’s a bit early to be worried about this, but if there is anything I can do during the weight loss period to avoid looking like a melted candle, it’s best to know now. I think I’ll find a 100+ weight loss board and ask there.

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scfrogprincess • December 23, 2008 at 1:43 pm

I have been wondering about this myself.. I am slowly working my way forward from your first post, so if you found an answer, I’ll find it eventually!

Thanks again for sharing so much with us!

I have changed my name on here to reflect the screen name I use for most internet media, but I am sure you can see my email and know it is me.


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