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Stairway to Knee Injury

I decided to take the stairs to my fourth floor office today. As item number 5 in the 7 Habits of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off tells us, if you add small bits of physical activity to your daily routines, you can lose an extra five pounds a year.

Or, you can fuck up your knee. My right knee has been making a slight creaking sound the past couple month, but only when going down stairs. I thought whatever was wrong had gotten better, so I made the long haul up the 3 flights of stairs, pausing on each landing for breath. My knee seemed to be okay, but did start to hurt a bit by the time I reached the top.

On my descent that evening, when I had to put the full weight of my body on this knee every other stop, I was hit with a sharp pain. I ended up taking baby steps down the last flight and a half. I felt pretty ridiculous, but I didn’t want to hurt myself any further. I can still walk fine, but when I put weight on my knee at a certain angle it hurts.

So no more stairs. Not for awhile. I don’t want to be sidelined with a bad knee at the beginning of the promising weight loss attempt. Once I get out of the routine of exercising, it’s difficult to get back in.

I thought about going to a doctor, but $60 bucks says they’d just tell me to stay off it. I’ll just keep the $60 bucks for myself.

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