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Concept of Weight

It’s weird to think that it’s possible for me to walk around with 200 extra pounds of weight. For instance, I bought a 25 lb. box of kitty litter this week and it was a struggle to get it to the car. The flimsy plastic “handle” rolled up on itself so all 25 pounds of pressure were ripping through my knuckles. It hurt. It was heavy. It sucked.

And yet, I am 200 pounds overweight. This means I’m carrying around 8 of these kitty litter boxes on my person! I can not lift that much weight, yet if you incorporate it into my body it somehow works.

Well, works in a way. I have limited mobility compared to average-weight people. Walking half a mile to a concert up and down hills really exhausted me. Doing more than a couple flights of stairs requires frequent panting breaks on landings. And at the book store today my feet start to hurt after standing around for 10-15 minutes.

Even with this abuse, my body is still currently functioning. But even lacking a gift of clairvoyance I know my body will not stand up to this forever. Bad joints and painful feet are in my future if I don’t start shedding kitty litter fast.

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Kathy • August 4, 2008 at 11:08 pm

Like many of your other fans, after discovering your blog, I chose to read it from the beginning. There is so much about your chronicle that’s totally endearing – doing a blog in the first place, your humor, your candor, even sharing the pain of your situation.

I wanted to comment on an entry that didn’t already have one, because I want you to know that every step you’ve taken and shared is gold.

I think you’re awesome. Congratulations on your journey and achievement, and good luck with the book! Thank you!


Bzybee • August 5, 2008 at 6:47 am

You write: “Bad joints and painful feet are in my future if I don’t start shedding kitty litter fast.”

That is priceless!

Here I am at O’dark hundred, lurking and getting to know about you, and I just wanted to say Thanks for being so brave and real. I hope to be able to accomplish something as wonderful as you have. You go girl!


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