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Day 4, Things going well

Here we are on the fourth day of my serious weight loss attempt and things are going well. I’ve walked every day, starting at 10 minutes and now worked my way up to 14 minutes. From here on out I’m going to add .05 of a mile to the walk every day. At the height of the great weight loss of ’98 I could go for 3 miles a day. Also cool, the treadmill my mom got has a cup holder and a stand to rest books or magazines on. It’s a bit hard to read while walking, but it’s a nice distraction. You can get so bored on a treadmill, even with music. I think I might set up the extra TV in that room so I can watch videos while walking.

I think I’m going to start parking farther away in parking lots. I’d read that one of the keys to keeping off weight is to work exercise into your daily routine. It’s going to be tough to retrain my behavior as my parking spot hunting skills have been finely honed after 2 years at a commuter college. People would follow you to your car there! It will be much easier to find a space if I just start at the opposite end of the lot.

I haven’t had any physical problems yet either. My heart pains have gone away. I’ve been careful to stretch before and after walking. I’m paying particular attention to my right foot since it had a case of plantar fascitis that was a pain for several months. Wouldn’t want it to act up again. I’ve been doing well with the eating too. No brownie binges yet, though I’ll probably hit a snag sometime in the next year.

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