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I called the Ladies Only Gym and the YMCA today. I discovered gyms don’t like to tell you how much memberships cost. I’m guessing the prices fluctuate depending on what specials they’re running and how much lee way the sales rep has to give you a deal to get you to join. I hate sales. I hate how insidious it is and how fake people have to act to try to get your money.

Anyway, the YMCA charges $44 a month for a single membership and $64 a month for a family membership. I’m guessing the gym membership will end up being comparable to this even if they do give me the first 6 months free like they said.

My younger brother gym said he is going to buy a cycling machine in the next month and if I want to use it I can pitch in some money. Right now this is looking like the best option. All I really want out of a gym is a place to exercise when the weather is bad. Or when the weather is good. Our neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, so I don’t like walking around here. Plus it’s hard to keep up a good pace. I’d also like not to be embarassed when I’m working out. I don’t want to be at a gym where people go just to pick each other up and marvel at their hot bodies. I want to lose weight and not feel like a gross blob of a human being while I do it.

Right now I think I’m going to learn to love cycling.

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