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I’m no quitter!

I bought myself a Playstation 3 for my birthday last October and I kinda love it. It plays DVDs, Blu-ray discs*, video files from my computer, and MP3s. It can also access Netflix streaming movies and as a nice bonus I hear it also plays video games.

One thing does bother me about it. To access Netflix streaming the Playstation launches the Netflix app. When you’re done, you have to exit the app to get back to the main Playstation menu. However, every time you do this you get this screen:

Quit Netflix

Everytime I see it I want to yell at the screen, “I’m no quitter!! Quitting is for losers…but yes, I want to quit.” It feels so wrong to tell the TV I want to quit. I prefer to stick with things and achieve my goals if possible. I wish the screen said, “Do you want to exit?” because I exit buildings and highways all the time and have no problem exiting. Playstation programmers, if you are reading please fix this in the next release!

*Yes it’s “blu” not “blue.” I checked and this is what the Interwebs told me.

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